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Mayer & Co-Founder

Harrington & Tock LLC

Harrington and Tock traces its history back to 1922 when Earl Harrington graduated from law school at the University of Illinois. Earl began to practice law with Lou Busch, who was the Champaign County state’s attorney at the time. Together they founded Busch and Harrington and the firm continued under that name for many years.

They located their first office in the Robeson building in Champaign. At that time the firm concentrated its practice on representing many of the farmer’s in Champaign County. Mr. Busch focused on the north part of the county, where many of the ancestors of the German settlors were located, while Earl Harrington focused on the south part of the county and its Irish inhabitants. Thus early on the firm established a practice concentrated in real estate.

Harrington & Tock has always been a law firm that has been handed down from one generation to the next. Lou Busch’s son, Bob Busch, joined the firm as did Earl’s son, Thomas Harrington in 1955. Tom’s brother, Ken Porter, also joined the firm and they practiced together for many years as Busch, Harrington & Porter.

In the 1950’s, in addition to its real estate practice, the firm focused on insurance defense work. Over the decades the firm has also done much work in such practice areas as condemnation, taxation, estate planning and probate. Many other lawyers practiced with the firm over the years. William Springer, E.C. Tate, Kip Pope and Rick Winkel all practiced with the firm for some time.

In 1982 Tom’s son and Earl’s grandson, Daniel Harrington, joined the practice. In 1995 Jeffrey Tock joined the firm, and Chapin Rose, who is Of-Counsel, joined in 2005.

Most recently, Dan’s sons, Tom’s grandsons, and Earl’s great grandsons, Patrick and Andrew Harrington have joined the practice. Patrick in 2007 and Andrew in 2010. To this day the law firm continues its tradition of a real estate oriented practice while at the same time representing a broad array of business clients and estate planning clients.

From the beginning, and for almost 100 years, Harrington & Tock has stood for hard work, timeliness, honesty, integrity and dedication to clients that can only be handed down from one generation to the next, from father to son.