Real Estate Highlights

  • Lead general counsel for a privately held, national industrial warehouse development and acquisition firm, worth in excess of $500 Million Dollars.
  • Lead counsel on the purchase and leasing of over $250 Million Dollars in new industrial developments and acquisitions for said privately held firm from 2012 – 2014.
  • Represented local developer and real estate entrepreneur with the relocation of an auto dealership to new property that is subject to complex, long term ground leases. Such representation included assistance with city incentives, and subdivision requirements.
  • Assisted with the redevelopment of a new commercial shopping center in the Champaign market. Services included the formation and negotiation of a new LLC, real estate purchase agreements, city incentives and subdivision requirements, and the drafting and negotiation of complicated covenants, conditions and restrictions.
  • Negotiated and drafted the documentation for the expansion of an existing manufacturing plant in the Champaign area. Services included representation on the additional land purchase, city subdivision requirements, annexation issues, and leasing.
  • Lead counsel on the purchase, leasing, financing and redevelopment of a 30+ acre tract in the Champaign area for the construction of a brand new 700,000 + square foot warehouse facility for one of Champaign’s largest employers and businesses.
  • Lead counsel on the development of a student housing project in Peoria, IL. Services included assistance with the assembly and purchase of residential real estate, title / survey issues, and leasing.
  • Represented a client on the successful purchase, redevelopment and leasing of a commercial shopping center in Peoria, Illinois, with leases to national, investment grade tenants. Obstacles worked through included complicated access easements and title / survey issues, and protracted lease negotiations.
  • Assisted multiple farm clients over the last several years with successful auctions of hundreds of acres local farmland, with prices typically in excess of $10,000 per acre.

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